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7 Best Free Image Croppers to Crop an Image in 2023

7 Best Free Image Croppers to Crop an Image in 2023

By israelipanda

Most likely, the most frequently used photo editing tool is the crop image tool. We’ve all been there: you and your ex are in the best photo ever taken. The outcome was not pleasant. You don’t want to see the picture and think of him or her every time. But you aren’t going to delete it because it is such a beautiful picture! It makes you look amazing! It was the time you met that famous person, climbed Mount Everest, or went to your sister’s wedding.

You can crop out that annoying ex with a free image cropper, post your stunning photo, and people won’t think you’re back together. Zoom in on the subject of the photo while removing distracting elements by using a crop image tool. Additionally, when we refer to “distracting elements,” we mostly mean ex-boyfriends and photo bombers.

There are numerous pieces of software that come with a crop image tool. It’s present in nearly all photo editors. However, it can take a long time to locate the best and easiest crop image tool. We have identified the seven best free image croppers to assist you in preserving your memories while moving on from the past.

PhotoDirector is the best free all-in-one image cropper for organizing and editing your images. Pixlr is the best online editor, Movavi Picverse is the best for photo management, inPixio is the best for object removal, Ashampoo Photo Commander is the best basic editor, Batch Photo is the best for batch editing, and Fotor is the best for beginners. It is made to be powerful enough for professionals while being simple enough for beginners.

Under the Adjustment tab, you can find the crop image tool, which enables you to quickly crop images, edit them, and enhance their appearance with just a few clicks. Here, you can perform straightforward adjustments like cropping photos, changing the color of your image, or getting rid of red eye.

In addition to utilizing layer editing, intermediate and advanced users can find an image cropping tool on the Edit tab. Image cropping options include freeform, resolution, or aspect ratio. You can also crop photos into interesting shapes with the help of a Tool Overlay like a Triangle, Grid, or Diagonal. The free image cropper also includes a straightening tool with a slider that lets you select a precise angle.

You can animate photos, remove objects that aren’t needed, change the background, and edit with amazing special effects with PhotoDirector. Body slimming, face smoothing, teeth whitening, and eye bag removal are just a few of the beautification tools available. PhotoDirector is surprisingly simple to use, with guided edits and tutorials available whenever you need them. 

Pixlr is a free online tool for editing photos, creating templates, and cropping images. There is no need to download it because it is available online, and it takes up very little space on your computer. You can use your account on your desktop, tablet, or phone by logging in. A stock image library and social media post template are included.

We like that you can immediately select between a straightforward design editor (Pixlr X) and a sophisticated photo editor (Pixlr E), removing any unnecessary elements from the user interface. A tool to crop pictures is available in both editing interfaces. Pixlr X’s crop photo tool is a little easier to use, but the editor is drastically reduced. The crop photo tool in Pixlr E is intimidating for novice photo editors, despite having more features.

Pixlr, like PhotoDirector, is a good free image cropper because it has a tool for both novice and experienced photo editors to crop images. However, the majority of useful tools and features are only available to Premium users. If you don’t want to pay for a subscription, you can buy effects one at a time for around one dollar.

Free image cropper Movavi Picverse is a good option for professional or beginning photographers who need to manage their photos. Photos can be sorted by name, date, GPS location, or facial recognition using Automatic Image Management.  

The crop image tool seemed pretty basic to us. Among the crop photo tools on this list, it has the fewest predefined aspect ratios. This won’t be a problem if you know the exact dimension, but it can be a little frustrating.

Advanced editing tools like AI tools, background and object removal, and color correction are included in Movavi Picverse. It is not a bad free image cropper in general, but PhotoDirector or Pixlr are better options that are easier to use and offer more features, which is why it ranks third on our list.

Free photo editing and cropping software called inPixio focuses on removing objects and backgrounds. You can remove unwanted signs, people, wires, and other elements from your images using the Erase Objects function, and you can then use the Clone Stamp to fill in the missing area. The tool to remove background was found to be effective. It comes equipped with a retention cursor, allowing you to precisely recall small details. 

With the inPixio image cropping tool, you can quickly remove unwanted objects from images if you prefer to crop them. Presets make it easy to crop images to the right size for social media.

Use the free image cropper, object remover, background remover, or sky replacement to get rid of unwanted people and objects from your photos with inPixio. However, we discovered that the software has neglected other features of photo editing due to its narrow focus; for instance, the sharpness and noise reduction tools did not alter our images in any way. Better to go with a free image cropper like PhotoDirector, which offers more features.