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Best Websites to Create Animated GIFs for Free

Best Websites to Create Animated GIFs for Free

By daniele

Suppose you want to make attractive animated photos for advertisements, social networking sites, sending friends, or your website. You’ll need image creation websites with various effects and galleries, or you may hire a web developer to do it for you. Here’s how to make animated GIFs on a budget by using some free picture creation services with great functionality. Many websites and organizations have relied on the Graphics Interchange Format (GIF) to accomplish their goals. This format works across all platforms and is widely used on the internet. It satisfies all users’ ultimate goals.

Animated gif images usually appear as a blend of photos, drawings, scans, or other visuals. It’s a valuable resource for making GIFs and other image formats, including GIF, JPG, and PNG. Its scrolling pane canvas allows users to more efficiently manage animated GIF frames and generate animated GIFs and a preview panel for previewing animated GIF files before finalizing them. Video Maker, GIF Resize, and Password Generator are among the other features.


Many websites on the market take a long time to upload images and create GIFs, but this is not the case with Makeagif, which allows you to select multiple photos by simply holding down the control or command key, as well as a creative gallery of animated GIFs to create compelling images and services such as YouTube to GIF, Webcam to GIF, and Video to GIF.


To utilize this service, you must have at least three photographs accessible to make a GIF, with a maximum of ten images uploaded simultaneously. It has a frame rate of 5 types. Logix also has some effects for instant and regular GIF generation, such as Blur, Guggle, Motley, Swirl, Explosion, Zoom, Rotation, and Negative.


Picasion functions similarly to Logix; however, the user interface is different. You can upload photographs from your hard drive, Flickr, and Picasa web albums if you choose. Glitter Effects, Create An Avatar, and Resize An Image are among the many options available.


its simple scroll panel allows users to fine-tune the width, height, and quality of animated GIF images and modify the image’s delay period. Its drag-and-drop tool will enable you to generate photos quickly, and the rearrange option allows you to change the images after they’ve been finalized. Its GIFs have a minor imgflip.com watermark that can only be removed if you have a pro account.