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Canva: How to Design a Logo for FreeCanva: How to Design a Logo for Free

Canva: How to Design a Logo for FreeCanva: How to Design a Logo for Free

By daniele

As we already know, Canva is really known as an amateur design portal that has a lot of popularity, because it is not need to have prior knowledge to use the tools in a quality way.

This website was established in 2012 and offer online tools to create your own designs in a hobby or a professional form. Also, Canva works by a free service and a pay alternative, which one you can obtain advantage options. 

So, as a design website, it is logical to think that you can use it to create a Logo for free, and here we are! Ready to teach you the step by step.

But before, remember to keep this in mind:  According to Canva, you cannot use any elements to create a logo for your business. However, as long as you create a unique one by combining basic shapes and text, it should be fine. I will recommend you to please refer to Canva‘s guidelines while doing so.

Having said that, for this tutorial, we are going to use a combination of a symbol and the brand name:

  1. Start creating your account on Canva or Log in.
  2. Then, search the word “Logo” to see the examples that offer us Canva.
  3. Select a blank template and choose a background color, that be in the color palette of the brand. 
  4. Search, trying on and elect a letter font that make a perfect match with the image that you project to the brand.
  5. Locate the brand name in a certain way that does not disturb the place where the symbol will be.
  6. Now, choose the symbol elements, keep in mind the 4 steps. 
    • Note: Be careful choosing the elements, because it will be representing the style and values of the brand on the symbol.
  7. Once you have the symbol, make the changes you need.
    • Change the color if is necessary to match with the font, center the image having in account the line guides that appear when you move it, also make adjustments of size, etc.
  8. Duplicate the template with the tool that is it in the upper-left corner. It is the icon the two overlapping papers.
  9. To have a contrast copy, make a change to a dark color in the background, and a lighter color for the letter and the symbol.
  10. If you have the free service, click the download button in a PNG format. 

Now, if you have the pay service you can access to make transparent your logo and this is how:

  1. Make another duplicate, and change the background color to white.
  2. Click the download button, elect the PNG format and select the “Transparent background” option.
  3. Will appear a pop-up window, choose the page that you want to be transparent and download it.

The other download option to consider is the SVG format, which means, your logo can get as big as you need them from a small logo on a business card to a huge size. And for this, you only need to click in the “File type” option and change it to this format.

Now that you know these options to create a logo, I hope this help you to take a decision and do it quickly. Even, if it is with the free service is a good way to invest for your business.