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Coming in 2023: The new Google Pixel Tablet

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An innovative tablet that combines the best of Android and Pixel in one device. Google has presented what appears to be its new Pixel tablet, designed with premium materials and finishes, as well as soft and rounded corners that make it an unmistakable part of the Pixel family.

The new installment of the internet giant brings a design that features a beautiful display from which you can enjoy your favorite programs, apps, video calls and more on a larger screen. Moreover, it has been described as the best way to experience Android on a big screen.

As you’ll see, just like your Pixel phone, the Pixel tablet has Material You, so you can fully customize it with a custom color palette and new color variants based on your wallpaper and lock screens. Just like your Pixel 7 and Google Pixel Watch, your tablet can be your most accurate representation.

Tensor G2 Technology

If you’ve been following Google’s device updates closely, you’ll know that the Pixel 7 features Tensor G2 technology, right? Well, this will be the same technology that the tablet will feature.

Thus, with Tensor G2’s advanced image processing and machine learning, all your favorite Pixel phone features like video calling, photo editing, and hands-free help with Google Assistant will work seamlessly on the Pixel tablet.

Home tablet

Likewise, the developers have commented on their interest in developing a tablet that cares about giving the best user experience. Then, the team set out to understand how people use their tablets and what they love and dislike about them.

And they realized that tablets are homey: they’re at home most of the time, but they’re only useful for a small part of the day. The rest of the time, tablets feel out of place in our homes. tucked away in a drawer, misplaced, presenting a tripping hazard or simply out of battery.  

Which is why they wanted to push the envelope when they developed this model, taking everything they’ve learned from years of making Pixel and home products as a guide and merging it into one great smart device. 

Now please re-imagine how a tablet can be really useful all the time in your home when paired with a new speaker charging dock. Isn’t it amazing?

Home Features

First, its dock keeps the device charged, makes the tablet useful 24/7, and unlocks a whole new set of home experiences. Plus, the speaker-enhanced audio lets you enjoy your favorite show or have an impromptu dance party.

Likewise, when your Pixel tablet is docked, you’ll be able to 

Enjoy hands-free assistant support or a photo frame of your memories. 

From this device, you will also have full control of all your smart home devices, so you can turn off the lights in the house and adjust the thermostat to the perfect temperature to sleep without getting out of bed. 

Another detail that needs to be highlighted are the magnets on the base. Actually, you can easily dock or undock your Pixel tablet, and the premium nano-ceramic finish is beautiful and very comfortable to hold.

Hence, the Pixel tablet is designed to seamlessly transition from a charming part of your home to an entertainment device you can take anywhere, making it one of the most versatile and adaptable tablets ever.

Summing it up

The new Google Pixel Tablet combines all the features of a mobile device while still being an integral part of your life and will be available in stores very soon. 

Don’t think these are its only available features though, as Google mentioned that its team is still eager to share more details when the Pixel tablet becomes available next year. So stay tuned!


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