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Examples of Brands With a Bold and Beautiful Visual Identity

Visual Identity

We’re serious design geeks, in case you didn’t know. We’re obsessed with design in any medium—especially when it comes to branding—from data visualization to motion graphics to infographics. A well-designed visual identity not only supports but also elevates a brand. A great visual identity communicates who you are, what you’re about, and why people should want to contact you instantaneously, from your packaging to your social presence.

On the other hand, a poor identity can harm your brand experience. It’s all too simple to assume that it’s successful simply because you have a logo, colours, and typography. You’re not delivering a cohesive brand story if your visual identity is disjointed, inconsistent, or inaccurately reflects your brand. This makes it more difficult for your company to succeed.

Brands With an Awesome Visual Identity

1) Casper

Casper is a mattress firm that has rocked the industry with a slick visual design and content marketing strategy, and an innovative business plan. (See Woolly, their quarterly print magazine.) Everything from their website to their Facebook page has a relaxing beige and blue brand colour scheme with hand-drawn images.

2) Headspace

App for meditation Headspace also has a bright colour scheme that is uplifting (and delivers on the mission of their meditation app: less stress, more joy). Naturally, the branding is carried across to their website, app, and even Instagram. They ensure a consistent experience with each piece of content by using encouraging words and appealing graphical characters.

3) Airbnb

They encourage people to make the most of life—and use Airbnb to do so—through their people-heavy images and distinctive pink logo.

4) Chobani

Chobani’s visual identity may not be the most exciting product, but it has a serious design crush on our team. Their packaging is a vibrant shade of green that emphasizes their natural, non-GMO components while also allowing the fruit to stand out. Meanwhile, their Instagram feed is full of whimsical illustrations and unusual digital collages that creatively incorporate the brand’s colours.


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