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FlexClip: How to Create Videos

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FlexClip is a simple, yet powerful online video maker that lets you create marketing videos and family stories in minutes. Also, counts with a fantastic collection of text animations, elements, transitions, etc. As well, integration with multimedia resource providers to offer users high-quality royalty-free music, videos and photos.

Share videos easily 

Cloud-based video solutions allow you to create videos on different devices. After creating your video, you can easily share it via a link or post it on social media.

Powerful video Tools 

I tell you all this, because today we are going to show you by a tutorial how easy it is. Follow me!

  1. Open the website and Log in.
  2. Then, click on “Create New”.
  3. You can choose between a “Video Template” or the “Start from Scratch” button. In this case, we choose the last option.
    • It will open a new window, there you can see the video creation section, that consisting of the storyboard, the animated and music section, and the live preview section.
  4. Start adding media with the icon that is located in the center, in the live preview section.
  5. Will be open a pop-up, where you will choose the media for the video.
  6. To see a preview, click in the lower-left corner icon.
  7. In the lower-right corner you can adjust the duration of the scene.
  8. Now, in the storyboard, click in “Storyboard +” and you will see 3 options, choose “Add Local Media“.
  9. Again, will be open a pop-up, where you can choose a background image.
  10. With this image, now click on the animated and music section to search animated text.
  11.  When you added the animated text to the background image, make a double click on it. 
  12. A pop-up to change the tittle text and subtitle text, and click “OK” to accept the changes.
  13. If you want to increase or decrease the size, dragging the handles. 
  14. Now, add a video, to do this, click the option “Add Local Media”. 
  15. Once you have the video in the Live Preview Section. There, you can use the “Trim Video” tool to select what you want to see. 
  16. To end this video, add a final scene with the “Add Background”.
  17. In the superior part of the Live Preview Section, you can see a bar of colors to change the background. 
  18. With the background selected, now click the tab “Logo” and choose the choice that match with you. 
  19. Then, make the respective changes for “Your Logo”, “Enter Title Here”, and “Enter Text Here”. If you do not need the “Your Phone Number” and “Your Site” option, you can delete them.  
  20. In the upper-left corner, next to the FlexClip logo you can add a name for the project. 
  21. In the other upper corner, you will find the “Save”, “Preview” and “Export Video” buttons, elect the last one.
  22. The website, will send you to the “Export Settings” where you can select the quality resolution.
  23. And finally click on “Export Video

I hope you enjoy this article and decide to prove it to make videos. I want to see your creation, so please let me know in the comments section. Have a good day!


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