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How much does a simple website cost

How much does a simple website cost

By daniele

A website can be created in three ways: using a website builder, using WordPress, or employing a professional designer. The path you take will impact the total cost of your website. Using a website builder could pay as little as $6 per month; however, utilizing WordPress will cost you somewhere between $11 and $50 each month. Hiring a website designer is the most expensive option, costing over $10,000.We’ll go over all three techniques below, including all of the associated fees, to choose the best choice for your budget.

What was your best guess? If you answered Website A, you’d be correct β€” it’s a custom-made site that costs roughly $5,000 to create. The other two are… drum roll, please… Wix and Squarespace, two DIY website builders, offer free website themes. Building an ad-free website with these builders costs at least $12 to $13 per month.

How Much Does Building a Website Typically Cost?

On average, though, you should expect to pay roughly $200 to establish a website and around $50 each month to maintain it. If you employ a designer or developer, expect to pay roughly $6,000 upfront, with an annual fee of $1,000.Upfront Website Cost Website Feature

$12 – $60 for a website domain

Hosting a website

From $35 to $600

Certificate (SSL)

Ecommerce Functionality $0 – $200 Website Template or Theme

$20,000 to $24,000

$0 – $5,000 for website content

Integrations and Apps

0 to $100

Marketing and SEO

0 to $90

A website can be created in three ways: using a website builder, using WordPress, or hiring a web designer. The strategy you choose will have website builders are usually the most affordable option for creating a website.

Β While WordPress is a free, open-source platform, you will need to pay for hosting, themes, plugins, and professional aid from a developer, which will add to your overall cost. Impact on the cost of your website.

Hiring a web designer is the most expensive alternative. Still, it’s the ideal option if you need complete control over the site’s design and customization or if you need the most advanced capabilities.