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How to change the CSS on an existing website

How to change the CSS on an existing website

By daniele

Select Inspect from the context menu by right-clicking the Inspect Me! text underneath. The Component panel of DevTools opens. In the DOM Tree, the Inspect Me! element is highlighted. In the DOM Tree, locate the information in the data property for the Investigate Me! element. There in the text box below, type the value. The CSS rules currently applied to whatever element is presently chosen in the DOM Tree are listed in the Styles tab of the Elements panel, which in this case should be the Inspect Me! element. Look for the class rule about aloha. Because you’re seeing this rule, it’s being implemented to the Examine Me! element. The padding value is declared by the aloha class. In the text box, type that value.

When you wish to alter or add CSS statements to an element, go to the Styles tab. Select Inspect from the context menu when you anyways the Add A Visual Appearance To Me! text below. Please provide me with a background color!Β  Near the highest of the Styles tab, click the element style. Press Enter after typing background color. Type honeysuckle and press Enter. An inline style expression was provided to the element, as shown in the DOM Tree. To view how an element appears when a Style class being applied to or deleted from it, go to the Styles tab. Select Inspect from the context menu of the Add Another Class To Me! item below. Click the.cls extension. You should add properties to the connected component using DevTools’ text box.In the Add different class text box, type color me but then just press Enter. You can toggle your class on and off the use of the checkbox below the Add new class text box. You may also toggle any additional classes that have been applied to the Add A Classes To Me! element from here.