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How to make a logo online for free

How to make a logo online for free

By daniele

Create a strong foundation for your brand. Build the cornerstone of your marketing strategy with a strong logo from FreeLogoDesign.. Use your logo on your website, social media, and promotional materials. You can also make personalized business cards with your logo. You can also make custom business cards with your branding. You merely need to print them and distribute them to everyone.

How to make a free logo with the logo maker FreeLogoDesign

  • Enter the name of your business.
  • Select a business category.
  • Choose from various logo templates to choose the one that best represents your company.
  • With the simple FreeLogoDesign logo designer tool, you can easily customize your logo for free. Add text and icons to make your free logo, then change the fonts, colors, and shapes.
  • Download and promote your new brand across all media.

Why should you use FreeLogoDesign to design your business logo?

Easy-to-use logo maker

FreeLogoDesign makes it simple to create a logo. Drag and drop pieces to the desired location. To create the logo of your dreams, change the colors, titles, and shapes.

Various templates are available.

Don’t start from the beginning. Choose from 35+ logo categories to represent your line of business. Do you want to start from scratch with your logo?Β 

It is entirely free to use.

You have complete freedom to select any template, icon, shape, or typeface. Your logo design options will never be limited.

Icons in their entirety

There are millions of icons available to customize your logo further. Start your search by clicking Add, an icon in the editor. We are confident that you will discover the proper hero to build a stunning logo, whether it is for your restaurant or your music band.

Premium add-ons are convenient.

You’ll need a profile image and a banner for your Facebook page. That’s simple. The social media add-on makes variations of your logo for use on the most prominent social media platforms, including profile pictures and banners. Choose the Black and White add-on to receive another handy form of your logo that may be used in any circumstance.