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How to Make a Website Mockup WITHOUT Photoshop

Website Mockup

Mockups are a great approach to displaying a design in its final shape without having to invest any time or money in its creation. You don’t need to print it on a T-shirt to see how your design looks—all you need is a mockup. However, how do you make mockups? Designers have been utilizing Photoshop for this duty for years, but it is no longer necessary. I’ll show you how to construct a mockup with Photoshop in a few easy steps in this brief video. As examples, I’ll figure out how to make a T-shirt simulation and an iPhone mockup. Branding mockups allow you to see how your logo and branding elements appear on brochures, business cards, notebooks, and other printed materials. They’re ideal for planning and fine-tuning branding designs and seeing how they’ll look on a tangible thing. Packaging mockups bring your packaging design to life by demonstrating how it will appear on a box, paper bag, bottle, container, and other surfaces.

Print mockups help visualize how your design will appear on different flyers, postcards, book covers, and other types of literature. You can still see exactly what your brochures and other publications will look like before committing a huge number of money to print them, preventing any minor errors from being produced. Product mockups are by far the most diverse type of mockup. You may make hoodie prototypes, t-shirt mockups, apparel mockups here, tote bag wireframes, toy mockups, and any other creative prototype that comes to mind. Product mockups are an excellent way to visualize your product’s look before investing in its development. Another advantage is that you really can see your product in real life rather than just imagining it in your thoughts. You’ll be able to correct any design issues on the mockup before it’s created. Mockups for social media can be used to design and visualize Instagram, Twitter, Facebook posts and pages, and YouTube audio thumbnails. Social media mockups will assist brand owners during content planning, and designers will imagine their future newsfeeds. Mockup styles for all of the previous section categories are now available in Visme’s free mockup generator. Please continue reading to see some of our favourite customizable mockup templates to get you started.

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