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Top Marketplaces To Sell Your Templates and Themes Online

Top Marketplaces To Sell Your Templates and Themes Online

By daniele

The demand for top marketplaces to sell creative templates and themes has become urgent. Every dedicated web designer should be aware of a platform where they may sell their original designs and supplement their income. Web designers may showcase their ideas using internet markets while also earning some extra cash. However, selecting the appropriate need for your work might be daunting for some. So, to assist you, I’ve compiled a list of markets where you may sell your template. So, let’s have a look at the needs!


It is among the most famous and well-known internet markets for selling templates and themes. TemplateMonster is undeniably a large and rapidly expanding marketplace. This is an example of a site where you may discover website templates, graphic designs, and plugins to help you complete your project. They provide an extensive library of website templates for various special projects, startups, and any other form of website you could want to build. You can either go with a premium template or a free website design that can be downloaded easily from here. Other items in the collection include Bootstrap-based web templates, HTML5 and CSS3-ready designs, and more.

Themeforest (Envato)

When it comes to collecting your templates online, there’s also a lot of competition. They have a large selection of high-quality templates and themes to choose from. Basically, Themeforest is a marketplace for WordPress themes and website templates where you can quickly sell and buy them. Themeforest, on the other hand, is a part of Envato Market, a marketplace where millions of creative designers may sell their work. The web designs you submit, have incredibly high standards.

Mojo Marketplace

It is a simple way to distribute your templates and themes while also establishing your market. On the other hand, Mojo Marketplace is not as well-known as TemplateMonster or Envato, but it is making its mark in the digital world. It was launched in 2009, and they currently have over 69k digital products for sale. It is a fantastic platform for designers to showcase their most awesome templates and themes. Every submitted template or article will be subjected to a review procedure.Β