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UI vs. UX: What’s the Difference?

The user interface (UI) is mainly composed of all the components that allow someone else to interact with an item or brand on a basic level. The user experience, is from the other hand, is the overall impression that the person utilizing the services or products has. Don Norman and Jakob Nielsen nicely summarised the situation: Even though the user interface (UI) is an enormously significant aspect of the design, it’s essential to distinguish the whole user experience from the user interface (UI). Consider a website dedicated to movie reviews. Even if the user interface for discovering a film is flawless, the UX for a user looking for information about a tiny independent release will be wrong if the underlying database only contains movies from major studios. Take, for example, Google. Its notoriously bare-bones interface exemplifies how a wonderful experience may be had without all the frills. When visitors arrive at the site, Google recognizes that they’re looking for one thing: information. 

UX is concerned with the user’s path to solving an issue, whereas UI is concerned with the appearance and functionality of a product’s surfaces. The UX designer is responsible for the intellectual components of the design process, whereas the UI designer is responsible for the more substantial portions. There is no distinction between UX and UI design since they are not similar. UX is the feeling we receive when we arrive, whereas UI is the bridge that takes us there. The user interface focuses on the product, a series of temporal snapshots. UX is concerned with the user’s experience with the product. The user experience (UX) is the path through with a product, escaping the screen and expressing the user’s journey and motives, justifying why certain elements are included in the UI and, more significantly, why certain features are excluded. The UI works around limitations; the UX pushes them.”UX refers to all of a person’s interactions with a service or product, whereas UI refers to how people engage with a service or product.


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