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What are the 5 most common graphic design job titles

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Graphic design is a creative area in which people use words, images, symbols, and other techniques to present facts and information uniquely. Given the importance of the internet in business promotion, a graphic design job is essential. Graphic designers are in high demand, especially since the pandemic and lockdown, when everything has gone online. However, this seemingly straightforward job offers numerous opportunities. So, in this essay, we’ll look at various Graphic Design Job Titles to assist you in making an educated decision about this career.

  1. A creative director is frequently the highest-ranking or most senior professional role in graphic design. The creative director then works with and manages a team of designers that work on numerous adverts, logos, and other graphics. He also keeps track of the campaigns that the team is working on. A creative director collaborates with the Assistant Director to ensure that everything runs smoothly.
  2. The art director is the next most well-known job title in the graphic design profession. An art director is responsible for designing marketing materials such as brochures, websites, commercials, and promotional materials. He leads a group of production artists as a supervisor.
  3. Brand Identity Developer: As the name implies, a brand identity developer is in charge of working on marketing projects that will help a company become more visible. He is to create logos and trademarks for various brands to give them a distinct identity in the
  4.  marketplace. Production Artist: Production artists are in charge of finishing the design and working on the computer. When computers were not widely used in India, their role was very different. They had to cut and paste the plans before printing the final drawings at the time. However, they must now guarantee that the design quality is suitable for printing and formatting. In a nutshell, they must verify that a design is executed correctly.
  5. Illustrator: An illustrator is another significant role in the graphic design industry. As the name implies, Illustrators are in charge of illustrating brand concepts on various digital platforms. These messages are disseminated in images or videos to convey the company’s actual notice to the general public.
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