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What is a mockup in design?

What is a mockup

A mockup is a non-functional, static representation of a web page or program that includes many final design elements. A mockup is less refined than a live page and often contains placeholder data. A mockup lacks the interactivity of an actual website because it is a “static design.” A coloured CTA button, for example, would appear in a mockup but, unlike a website, would not open a form when clicked (or the prototype of a website; more on that later). A mockup may have a cover image somewhere at the top of every page, but it does have an active rotation like a website. Because a mockup isn’t the first step of website creation, it’s on its approach to becoming a complete package, but there’s still work. A simulation may include replacement copy (think “lorem ipsum”) or graphics, but its purpose is to give a good idea of how the website will look, not how it will function.

Finally, a mockup visual representation of what a new website or application will look like. It’s made to bring an idea or wireframe to life, allowing a designer to see how different visual aspects interact. Mockups allow page stakeholders to see how the page will look while also suggesting modifications to the layout, colour, pictures, styles, and more. If you’re curious how a page might look with a secondary colour, create a second edition of the mockup to see how it looks. Similarly, your mockups can show the team how that change might look if you wish to modify it, such as adding a header and centring an image. The wireframing step is all about sketching up a preliminary layout for the page, taking a concept or a goal and applying design theory to produce a page that achieves that goal. The mockup is utiliutilizedsed to make that layout more solid and realistic. After stakeholders agree on the visual components of the mockup, it continues into the prototyping stage, which requires genuine development to turn a mockup into a relatively compact version of the page. All of this occurs, of course, before a homepage goes live and therefore is tested with actual users or visitors.

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