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What is computer graphics in simple words?

What is computer graphics in simple words?

By daniele

Computer graphics is the art of drawing pictures, lines, and charts (among others) by using computers with the help of programming. They are usually made up of a number of pixels, which are known as the smallest graphical picture or unit represented on the computer screen. 

For that reason, they can be used in digital photography, film, entertainment, electronic gadgets, and all other core technologies that are required. It is a vast subject and area in the field of computer science. But that’s not all, because computer graphics can also be used in UI design, rendering, geometric objects, animation, and many more.

However, it should be noted that, basically, there are two types of computer graphics, namely: interactive and non-interactive graphics. Then, we are going to cover it up in this article, so keep reading!

Interactive Computer Graphics

These are based on two-way communication between the computer and the user. You see, here, the observer is given some control over the image by providing him with an input device. For example, the video game controller of the ping pong game which helps him to signal his request to the computer.

For its part, the computer can modify the displayed picture appropriately by receiving signals from the input device. And, from the user’s point of view, it seems that the picture is changing instantaneously in response to his commands. 

He can also give a series of commands, each one generating a graphical response from the computer. In this way, he maintains a “conversation,” or “dialogue,” with the computer. So, we can infer that these kinds of graphics can affect our lives in a number of indirect ways.

To give you an example, try to imagine the flight simulators that pilots use to train. Those spaces are created to help them get training not in a real aircraft but on the ground, at the control of the flight simulator. Keep in mind that all of those illustrations are the interactive graphics we’ve been talking about.

Non-interactive Computer Graphics

Also known as passive computer graphics, they are graphics in which the user does not have any kind of control over the image. Actually, the image is merely the product of a static stored program and will work according to the instructions given in the program linearly. That’s why it is totally under the control of program instructions, not under the user. For instance, screensavers

Fields in which computer graphics are applied

We have mentioned a couple areas in which both interactive and non.interactive graphics are used, but here are some others you might not have known about:

  • Computer Graphics are used for an aided design for engineering and architectural systems: These are used in electrical automobiles, electro-mechanical, mechanical, and electronic devices. For example, gears and bolts.
  • Computer Art: MS Paint.
  • Presentation Graphics: It is used to summarize financial statistical scientific or economic data. For instance, bar charts or Line charts.
  • Entertainment: It is used in motion pictures, music videos, television gaming.
  • Education and training: It is used to understand the operations of complex systems. It is also used for specialized systems such as framing for captains, pilots and so on.
  • Visualization: To study trends and patterns. For example, analyzing satellite photos of earth.