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What is the difference between web and graphic design?

Graphic design

Graphic design uses pictures, writing, graphs, and photographs to represent an idea. Graphic designers can work on both paper and electronic projects. Unlike Web Design, Vector Illustrations is only concerned with creating graphics for use on the internet or in print. Graphic designers do no programming. Like graphic design, web design comprises the production of visuals, language, graphs, and imagery to communicate a message.

On the other hand, Web design is exclusively concerned with websites, not print. Website developers are responsible for formulating appealing websites that load quickly. Consequently, Web Designers face limitations that Graphic Designers do not meet. They must consider the size of a file, pixel size, and other aspects. They must also turn their layouts into a working website, requiring programming. Web designers need HTML, CSS, and possibly other computer languages such as Jquery, PHP, etc.

UX (User Experience) Design team concentrates on how the webpage feels to use, whereas UI (User Interface) Designers concentrate on how the website is planned out and appears overall. Many people are unaware of the differences between the two professions. As a consequence, a web project might engage a Graphic Designer, expecting them to know how to perform things that only a Website Designer would know. how to do things that only a Web Designer would know. Suppose you want to create eye-catching visuals that communicate your idea directly without worrying about how your complete will look on the web. In that case, you should hire a highly artistic Graphic Designer. That is, of course, critical for people who are trying to decide on a career path. Graphic Design and Web Design demand diverse capabilities, with Graphic Design focusing on aesthetic ability and Web Design on programming and web understanding. Both sectors, however, have some overlap.


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