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What is UX with example?

What is UX with example?

By daniele

As a consequence of UI advances, user experience, or UX, has evolved. Once there’s something for people to interact with, this experience, whether favourable, unfavourable, or neutral, affects how users feel about one of those interactions. That’s a broad term that could include any encounter a person has with a product or service, not simply digital interactions. Some UX practitioners refer to the discipline as customer experience, while others go even further and call it experience design. Norman’s initial concept of UX, whatever it’s called, is at the heart of any thought experience design—all-encompassing and constantly focused on the human being it’s engaging with. This ‘usability honeycomb’ has formed the foundation for UX professionals’ best practices, guiding their efforts throughout multiple touchpoints with the user, including their actions while interacting with the interface. As they attempt to do their task, their thoughts and feelings surface overall, and impressions people get from the interaction UX designers ensure that the organization produces services or products that satisfy the consumer’s expectations and allows them to accomplish their desired result smoothly.

 For Example, Just Eat has a helpful search option. It allows clients to find all eateries that can deliver food to their houses in seconds. Just Eat filters are also beneficial for rapidly locating the meal takeout you desire. Skyscanner is an online travel fare aggregator. It makes it simple and intuitive for users to search for and purchase the cheapest flights.

Another outstanding example is the Suitable host. The user is directed through a well-designed experience on the well-known eCommerce website. Any user can quickly obtain as much information, images, and videos concerning clothing as they require. We felt it might be helpful to provide some examples of goods with positive user experiences. This can assist you in better comprehending the user experience. Revolut is online banking service. It has a fantastic user interface that is very easy to use. Users can exchange payments with others and change currencies in just a few swipes. Apple’s iPod is a classic example of a flawless user experience. People would purchase the iPod in Stores worldwide, then sync it with iTunes and continue to add new music from that. Both the iPod and iTunes had a user-friendly interface and were well integrated.